2018 Toyota Tacoma Redesign, Specs, Price

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This is how you develop an off-road icon. The 2018 Toyota Tacoma is exactly what takes place when our engineers take a 50-year tradition of strength, a great deal of contemporary tech, and integrate all of it into one unstoppable bundle. And there’s more to this device than simply its aggressive great appearances. Advanced off-road innovations and durable parts take this truck to locations others fear to check out. An effective and effective V6 has actually got the items to obtain you to the end of the map and back. Inside, exceptional convenience and tech keep you feeling revitalized throughout those hard-charging explorations. It’s time to obtain in touch with your gnarly side. Let’s go locations.

Unwavering ability and the great aims to match. Prepare for the supreme in hardworking design. Tacoma impresses anywhere it goes, enhancing its off-road mindset with specified, sculpted lines and muscular fenders. In advance, its aggressive grille and offered hood scoop mean the power that lies under the hood. Out back, the tailgate includes an embossed Tacoma logo design, advising everybody that this truck was developed to lead the pack.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Price

The Exterior-2018 Toyota Tacoma

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma has a relatively small face compared to other trucks.  The look really accentuates the Tacoma’s meaty under-body, which is a great look.

It seems like grilles on vehicles all look the same these days, and that is apparent on the 2018 Toyota Tacoma.  The trapezoid shape is a concept that seems to work in one way or another on any car, truck or SUV.

The rest of the front end is very boxy.  The 2018 Toyota Tacoma kind of looks like it was built with those big Lego blocks I played with when I was younger.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Release Date

Anyways, the snout really makes up most of what we see from the front.  The 2018 Toyota Tacoma is a smaller truck, but still retains a bold presence.

2018 Toyota Tacoma

Form the side and rear, the design is well composed.  The rugged appeal and capable look continues through the 2018 Toyota Tacoma making for a very sharp truck.

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma’s strong points lye in its stance and ride height.  The clearance between the tire and the wheel arch is very large, which adds to the off-road visual effect.  I can tell why so many people buy 2018 Toyota Tacoma’s.

Toyota Tacoma’s look fantastic and have the durability and reliability to back it up.  I’m genuinely impressed.

The Interior-2018 Toyota Tacoma

While I’m always pretty picky with my interiors, I do enjoy the 2018 Toyota Tacoma’s interior.

Part of the dashboard does look a bit awkward. The location of the infotainment screen does line up nicely, but the outline where it is located along with the air vents throws the balance off a bit.  Am I being too harsh?

Outside of that, the interior is great.  The leather strip on the passenger accents the otherwise rugged dashboard well.

The interior isn’t incredibly luxurious or beautiful, but there’s something about truck interiors that make them all look rugged and abrasive.  I love it.

Inside the 2018 Toyota Tacoma, you can control things like crawl control.  Crawl Control allows you to turn a dial which tells the engine and other internals that you need to…crawl uphill.

Another cool feature in the 2018 Toyota Tacoma is the GoPro mount on the windshield.  Yes, Toyota fitted a GoPro mount into the truck.  How cool is that?

Past that, the 2018 Toyota Tacoma doesn’t really feature any ground-breaking technology.  You can get blind spot and cross traffic warning assist, along with wireless phone charging, but Toyota makes it clear what the Tacoma is made for. Fun.


When it comes to engines, Toyota decided to continue using already known units. This is actually a good thing, due to the fact all of them are great engines. The base version is 2.7L with 159HP. This engine offers around 180 pound-feet of torque and the towing capacity is 3.500 pounds. Basically, it is sufficient for most potential owners of the new 2018 Toyota Tacoma. The engine can be paired with the 6-gear automatic transmission, but only when rear wheels are responsible for movement. AWD version is available as well, but only with a 5-gear manual.

A more powerful and probably a more suitable engine for this car is 3.5K, V6 with 278HP and 265 pound-feet of torque. 6-gear automatic transmission is standard on rear-wheel drive models, while the 6-gear manual is available if you choose all-wheel drive Tacoma. With these specifications, Tacoma can tow 6.800 pounds.

Regardless of which version you chose, all-wheel drive is available. However, this isn’t a permanent all-wheel drive system, meaning that it is engaged only when you are driving off road or when the conditions are poor, so you need additional stability and safety.

Fuel economy

2018 Toyota Tacoma has the same fuel consumption as the previous model. It isn’t bad, but definitely isn’t one of the best results among trucks. The base engine with the rear-wheel drive will achieve 19/23mpg. Automatic transmission guarantees 19/22mpg, which is slightly better than the manual one can provide (19/21mpg). With all-wheel drive versions, the fuel economy is 19/21mpg.

A well-known fact is that larger engines can be equally economical. This case isn’t any different. You will get 18/23mpg. Keep in mind that this refers to all-wheel drive versions! In addition, all engines use 87-octane fuel.


Released in 2017, with beginning price : SR $24,320, SR5 $26,405, TRD Sport $30,685, TRD Off-Road $31,940, Limited $35,920, TRD Pro $40,960.

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