2018 Ford Super Duty F-250 Review, Ratings, Specs and Price

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The 2018 Ford Super Duty arrangement traverses a wide range of enormous pickup trucks including swanky, close extravagance models, no frills work trucks, towing champs, and about each progression in the middle.

It was upgraded a year ago to align the huge apparatuses with its smash hit Ford F-150 light-obligation models. The two trucks share comparable taxicabs, trim levels, and aluminum development, despite the fact that the 2018 Super Duty arrangement enthusiastically exchanges weight investment funds from the lighter-weight metal for expanded frame quality—the F-150 penances its weight at the sacrificial stone of mileage.

2018 F250 Changes

The Ford Super Duty nets a potent 7.3 on our general scale, with two imperative provisos. To begin with, the Super Duty isn’t required to report mileage to the EPA, so we’ve withheld our rating there. Second, the Super Duty likely won’t be crash-tried by the IIHS at any point in the near future, so we can’t extensively rate the truck for wellbeing either. Our general score mirrors the four classifications we can rate for the Super Duty, and withholds from the normal the two we can’t.

One year expelled from a total upgrade implies Ford isn’t tinkering with the Super Duty’s equation. It’s an indistinguishable truck from a year ago, offered in XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum trims. XL and XLT trucks are the ones you’re probably going to see stopped at work destinations, Lariat trucks will probably be stopped in carports, and King Ranch and Platinum forms of the Super Duty will be back at work locales, just in the foreman’s space.

Two motors in various powertrain setups offer payload, towing, high mileage, or solace designs that can suit any customer. The Reader’s Digest variant? The new 6.7-liter turbodiesel is the towing and long-pulling champ, the vestige 6.2-liter V-8 is lord of payload and reasonableness. Pick carefully; a completely stacked Super Duty can cost the same amount of as an extravagance auto—they feel like one as well.

2018 Ford F 250 Release Date


The 2018 Ford Super Duty dials down a portion of the macho moves from more established trucks—possibly. Chrome plated control bars running along the grille are currently bookended by C-formed headlights, and a “Super Duty” stamped into the hood that is unpretentious like an air-assault siren.

More quick witted wrinkles in the sheet metal down the sides and in back, consistent entryway handles, and unobtrusive outside signs take back to earth the enormous Ford truck that began to look cleverly butch only a couple of years prior.

Right-sized outside shapes and an attractive inside in any trim enable the Super Duty to acquire a 7 on our scale for style.

A ton of the new Super Duty’s flavor can be followed back to the F-150, with which it now shares a taxi and other styling signals.

The new look is most articulated in twofold taxicab design, which is more strong than some time recently. The second line never again resembles a block sandwiched between the quaint little inn body.

Inside, the Ford Super Duty shuns style for substance, in spite of the fact that it can look sumptuous in higher trims. Most trucks will be worked for work, and shod with vinyl all over. It’s an utilitarian way to deal with styling, and it for the most part works. It doesn’t have the downplayed style of higher-trim trucks made by GM, or the outre cattle rustler look of some Ram models, yet the Ford strikes its own particular adjust of solace and energy.


The 2018 Ford Super Duty is accessible with two motors, both V-8s, mated to 6-speed programmed transmissions. Raise drive is standard, and four-wheel drive is accessible on all models.

The standard motor is a remainder 6.2-liter V-8 that makes 385 drive and 430 pound-feet of torque that is appraised to convey up to 7,680 pounds in the bed.

That is great power, and the Super Duty gets a trap controlling setup that we figure purchasers ought to consider. It wins a 7 out of 10 on our execution framework.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a substantial obligation pickup without some sort of incredible claim that the new Super Duty could tow a little planet. For those sorts of superlatives, customers should pick a 6.7-liter turbodiesel V-8 that makes 440 hp and 925 lb-ft of torque. Mated to a 6-speed programmed (no connection to the 6-speed in the gas variant) diesel-fueled pickups can tow up to 32,000 pounds.

A couple of words on those head-turning figures. Maximizing the Super Duty’s tow appraisals requires a business driver’s permit, and every one of the 925 lb-ft of wind doesn’t go ahead immediately—the transmission would pack up its work area and stroll off the activity in the event that it did.

Accessible in single-or double back wheel setups on F-350 and higher, the Ford Super Duty is outstandingly furnished with enough snort for generally jobsites.

The Ford Super Duty utilizes a completely boxed, stepping stool outline underneath that has been solidified up to 24 times more than the last age pickup.

New front span arms help cover the street, and a modified back suspension continues jabbering under control in the back—even without a heap on.

The Super Duty makes accessible a variable proportion directing setup that can speed or moderate the controlling rack at rates to make the truck more flexibility at low speeds, or less unsteady at high speeds. It’s an awesome setup that could enable battle to exhaustion for laborers who persistently utilize their trucks to arrange tight spaces.

Comfort & Quality

On the off chance that it’s been a moment since you’ve been in a full-estimate truck, please grab a chair before you hear the accompanying: Trucks are more pleasant spots to be than numerous extravagance autos.

You’ll pay the consequences for the benefit, however a Ford Super Duty Platinum can run toe-to-toe with 75 percent of what’s on an extravagance auto part and still look great.

We acknowledge that numerous Super Duty purchasers can’t legitimize the cost to their group, or simply require muscle and will furnish their trucks with less fabulousness. Be that as it may, each Super Duty has a decent front seat, great conveying limit (in the quaint little inn), and it’s extraordinary at what it does. We give it a 8 for comfort.

operation trims like the Ford Super Duty King Ranch get a farm brimming with covers up on the seats and dash. The seats can be moved up to multi-shape undertakings with in-situate massagers—perfect if the truck fills in as a versatile office.

Lower trims still get tough fabric and scratch-safe plastics that vibe up to the errand of unpleasant every day obligation. Intelligently, Ford offers vinyl flooring on all trucks—even Platinum models—so laborers and foremen won’t stress over granulating soil into delicious cover with their boots.

Twofold taxicab models have enough space for 6-footers to sit behind other 6-footers, however broadened taxicab models may not be perfect for four grown-ups on long treks. Each of the four-entryway trucks have a clever collapsing back seat for better in-taxi stockpiling, and all trucks offer a lot of inside freight limit with profound, wide focus comforts.

The Ford Super Duty is accessible with two bed lengths: 6-foot-9 and 8-foot. The last is required for a long separation fuel tank that can expand the scope of a Super Duty up to 1,000 miles, as indicated by Ford.

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